Driving change to create a more prosperous Adelaide and South Australia

We have established our reputation as the independent, trusted and credible voice for South Australia.

Political, community and business leaders and diplomatic representatives from across the globe regularly seek our support and advice to better understand opportunities and challenges.

We’ve helped numerous businesses to connect opening up new opportunities, shifted the national energy debate, taken a lead role on nuclear and laid the groundwork for a new narrative for Adelaide interstate and overseas.

Through activities such as visits to Canberra we have, according to Australian Financial Review journalist Phil Coorey speaking on FIVEaa, “taken the sting” out of the company tax debate resulting in a deal which also included  a $110 million loan for a massive solar thermal plant in South Australia and a study into constructing a new gas pipeline.

We have put sustainable population growth firmly on the agenda with our work helping achieve concrete reforms while we continue to advocate for migration system changes to better suit business needs.

Our Boards without Borders program has helped national and global boards and executive teams to connect with Adelaide’s business community, creating new investment opportunities while changing the narrative around Adelaide.

We’ve given electricity a national focus while our program Adelaide Abroad is helping returning expats and skilled migrants to more easily settle into life in South Australia, increasing opportunities for them to remain.

Determined to link young people with jobs of the future, we’re creating stronger links between industry and schools, providing strategic advice and support.