Driving change to create a better Adelaide

We’ve helped numerous businesses to connect opening up new opportunities, shifted the national energy debate, taken a lead role on nuclear and laid the groundwork for a new narrative for Adelaide interstate and overseas.

  • Helped achieve corporate tax reform: Australian Financial Review journalist Phil Coorey, speaking on FIVEaa, said it was our Canberra delegation – that included medium sized businesses – that helped “take the sting” out of the company tax debate opening the way for Nick Xenophon MP to agree to cuts for businesses with turnover of up to $50 million. The deal included a $110 million loan for a massive solar thermal plant in South Australia and a study into constructing a long-mooted gas pipeline from the Northern Territory to South Australia.
  • Put population growth firmly on the agenda: We have launched a Population Alliance to ensure population growth is firmly on the agenda – no other organisation in Adelaide is so well placed to do this. We’re also developing an education campaign to help people understand the economic value of migration and are advocating for legislative reforms.
  • Launched the Boards without Borders project: We’re actively helping visiting interstate and global Boards to connect with Adelaide’s business community, this essential project is opening up new business opportunities while changing the narrative around Adelaide.
  • Established a strong voice for Adelaide: From the Prime Minister to the Premier, Opposition Leaders to the Greens and Nick Xenophon, our voice is respected and welcomed. As well as one-on-one meetings, we have provided input on issues such as foreign policy, population growth, innovation and the gig economy.
  • Given electricity a national focus: Before a Committee for Adelaide delegation went to Canberra, electricity was seen as a South Australian issue. “Our canary in the coalmine” line hit media nationally and other States realised they were not immune resulting in more urgency to fix issues.
  • Helped get the Boomerang and Arrow Club off the ground: People who choose to come back to Adelaide or specifically choose Adelaide as a place to live often have outstanding networks and a drive to help turns things around. We’re working with Adelaide Abroad to realise these opportunities.