New member – The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Welcoming The Hospital Research Foundation Group as a Platinum Member of the Committee for Adelaide.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group has been a South Australian institution since 1965.

Their mission is simple – to fight for better health and wellbeing through world-leading medical research and improved patient care for all South Australians.

Together with the support of the community, The Hospital Research Foundation Group funds more than 50 areas of disease and illness across all public hospitals, universities and medical research centres in South Australia.

The Group consists of 10 charities to help maximise efficiencies and grow their impact, while allowing donors to choose a healthcare area most important to them such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, Parkinson’s and more.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group is excited to be joining forces with the Committee For Adelaide to help raise awareness for the health and wellbeing of our community.

“In times like these, it is only together that we can have an impact,” THRF Group CEO Paul Flynn said.

“The Committee For Adelaide community understands the importance of investing in infrastructure and expertise today, to build the future we all hope for tomorrow.

“That is exactly what we do with our support of world-leading medical research and healthcare services in South Australia – work that is critical to bringing a brighter future with the latest treatments for when we need it most.”

Click here for a full list of our members.

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