New member – Morphettville

Welcoming Morphettville as a Platinum member of the Committee for Adelaide.

Morphettville, home of the South Australian Jockey Club (SAJC), currently hosts over 40 race days annually as well as functions 7 days a week throughout numerous indoor and outdoor event spaces. Iconic by nature, Morphettville is primarily known for horse racing, however, that is about to change as they embark on an exciting period of development.

The SAJC is committed to realising an ambitious portfolio of works aimed towards broadening the experience and perception commonly associated with Morphettville. The well-known grandstands and racecourse facilities will receive a much-needed upgrade however, it’s the adjacent significant works that are truly visionary. Incorporating the development of residential property, specialty retail, public access recreation spaces and a best-in-class Events Centre, Morphettville is set to be elevated from a venue to a true community; and a renowned must-visit asset to South Australia featuring, but extending beyond, horse racing.

By design, these project works are inherently based on creating a better future for Greater Adelaide; facilitating unique opportunities to attract people locally, from interstate, and overseas resulting in increased economic growth and prosperity for the State. In turn, these project works have also become vital to ensuring the longevity and relevance of Morphettville, directly aligning with achievement of the vision to deliver vibrant, successful, and sustainable experiences for all.

“At Morphettville, we’ve been a community meeting place, an iconic entertainment venue, and a provider of employment for almost 150 years. Our well-known offering is a complement to the thriving, unique culture that endears Adelaide to the world. With this standing, we believe we have a responsibility to actively participate in securing a bright future for Adelaide and South Australia. Why join Committee for Adelaide? Because we have a vested interest in seeing Adelaide thrive. Because innovation, creativity and passion are contagious. Because we’re excited to contribute to conversations aimed at achieving constructive, sustainable, visionary outcomes for Greater Adelaide; outcomes we can all leverage now and in in the future; enabling South Australia to continue to bat above our average on the world stage,” Grant Mayer, CEO.

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