Adelaide Connected Networking Event – Light ADL

Committee for Adelaide held its most recent Adelaide Connected networking event at Light ADL on Thursday 2 June, and what an experience it was.

Guests were able to tour Light ADL’s venues and experience the immersive atmosphere of the The Lab and hear about their not-for-profit project from Anne Wiberg, Artistic Director of Light ADL.

Click here to watch a showreel from the event.

As a social enterprise and registered charity, all revenue generated from events held at Light ADL and dining in Aurora (Light ADL’s award-winning restaurant with an ethos of training and social responsibility) goes back into supporting their arts program and providing artists with opportunities to develop new connections with audiences using Light’s cutting-edge immersive technologies.

To hear Nick Dunstone, Light ADL’s Co-Founder and CEO, who is an Adelaide returnee (AKA Boomerang), speak about Light ADL’s mission and what it means for Adelaide to have such a unique multi-purpose venue, click here.

This event was made possible with the assistance of the team at Light ADL who were wonderful to work with. Nick and the team would love to connect with you about how they can host you for your next event at their venue – please reach out to Josephine with any enquiries.

Adelaide Connected events aim to help newly arrived, returned and likeminded South Australian residents build their networks. Click here for more information.

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