Adelaide works best when it works together

These projects start the hard work of delivering on the major themes of the Committee’s two publications; Earning our place in a global economy (Nov 2013), and Agenda for Growth (May 2014).

According to Committee Chair, Colin Goodall “Adelaide works best when it works together. So importantly, each of these projects is being delivered in partnership with leading South Australian organisations. Our first year has been about bringing well-researched ideas to public attention. Our second year is about developing practical ways to bring these ideas to life here.”

The three projects include;

1. Growing our vital micro business ecosystem.

Working with 150 micro businesses, entrepreneurs and hubs across the local economy to identify common barriers to growth, and better ways to support.

2. Boosting migration and leveraging the most from South Australia’s diaspora.

In collaboration with the Leaders Institute SA and working with a wide circle of young professionals to better understand how and where we can give the next generation more opportunities and more reasons to stay, or return.

3. Attracting new business to the state to grow the corporate environment in South Australia

Harnessing the national networks of publicly listed companies and corporate leaders to work with businesses to set up here.

Project partners include the public sector renewal plan led by Erma Ranieri, and the Leaders Institute of SA – supported by some of South Australia’s leading public companies.

To ensure there’s a chance for more people to help shape these three projects, we’re upgrading our website – expecting to launch later in July 2014.

Furthermore, early in our second year we will announce specific projects that we will work on in partnership with others that will create a more sustainable economic future for South Australia.

We believe it is time that we have a prioritised, targeted and measureable agenda and look forward to working with you.

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