Benchmarking Adelaide: A deeper dive

In partnership with JLL, we hosted Dr Tim Moonen, Co-founder and Managing Director of The Business of Cities, and the author behind Benchmarking Adelaide*.

He unpacked the rationale and methodology behind Adelaide’s rankings and also provided a deeper dive into the findings of the report.

Tim identified that to help fulfill Adelaide’s ambitions we need:

  • A growth economy to fuel them. Talent, diverse investment, and critical mass
  • An urban platform conducive to knowledge, sector convergence, and high-paying jobs
  • Uptick in public and private innovation and partnership.

Adelaide has the chance to become one of the 21st century’s next wave of metropolitan cities and we must capitalise or risk falling behind and losing our advantages.

Click here to download Benchmarking Adelaide.

*Together with Platinum members JLLDeloitte, RAA and Hames Sharley, the Committee for Adelaide engaged The Business of Cities to produce Benchmarking Adelaide a first-of-its kind study of the city, comparing it against 19 international cities, across areas including productivity, business investment, innovation, skills, transport, liveability, sustainability and reputation. The report was officially released on 15 August.

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