Board farewells and welcomes

It was a changing of the guard at our AGM, and while we welcomed new board members, we also said farewell to some familiar faces, some that have been a part of the Committee for Adelaide since the beginning.

The founder of the Committee for Adelaide, businessman Ian Smith (Bespoke Approach), stood down from the board and his position as Deputy Chair while inaugural Chair Colin Goodall stood down from his position as Immediate Past Chair. Both will stay on as members.

Mena Muecke (Sight for All) and Lissa van Camp (Golder) who both joined the board in 2015 also stood down.

Our new Chair David Lloyd paid tribute to Ian, Colin, Mena and Lissa for their service and thanked Ian and Colin for their foresight in forming an organisation which is leaving an important and lasting legacy that will benefit Adelaide and South Australia for years to come.

With change comes new opportunities and we’d like to welcome our newly elected Board members; KPMG State Chairman Justin Jamieson, Hassell Senior Associate Kyrstyan Mcleod, Commercial & General Executive Director, Strategy & Business Development Simon Toovey, and PwC Principal Paul Hindle. Existing board members Matt Clemow and Penny Gale were also voted to be Deputy Chairs.

Image L-R: Ian Smith, Colin Goodall, Lissa van Camp, Mena Muecke

Image L-R: Justin Jamieson, Kyrstyan Mcleod, Simon Toovey, Paul Hindle.


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