Chair’s report

It’s been a strange year but one that the Committee has managed to navigate well and in many ways through the pandemic, our reputation as an independent voice for South Australia is stronger than ever.

Our influence and reach continues to grow and today we are being actively sought out by international, federal and state leaders keen to tap into our networks and harness our collective knowledge and expertise.

Just last week we met with the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council and next week we’re meeting with the Capital City Committee. We remain strongly connected with Canberra, diplomatic channels and overseas state and federal offices and organisations that represent our state.

Well City

At our Board planning day at the start of the year (pre pandemic) we committed to an ambition to help Adelaide become the world’s first well city. From providing support and connections to the Well City organisation to our work with SAHMRI, we’re seeing strong progress.

Well City message – particularly economic value of wellness – more relevant today than it has ever been particularly on the global stage.

Highlights from 2019/20

  • The Committee for Adelaide played a pivotal role in shaping both national policy as well as Adelaide’s future economically, socially and culturally
  • Federal and state advocacy around population growth and migration has continued
    • Gave evidence and made a submission to a federal parliament joint standing committee inquiry into migration
    • Gave evidence and made a submission to a state parliament Economic and finance committee inquiry into migration
    • Made a submission to the Home Affairs Department’s inquiry into migration
    • Made a submission to the Designated Area Migration Agreement review
  • In addition, have made submissions to Infrastructure SA and other bodies on a range of issues
  • Launched Adelaide Abroad late last year. While it was put on hold as borders closed, it is being reinstated as expats return
  • Established the CBD Committee in conjunction with Property Council, Australian Hotels Association. Includes three universities, big four (KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY), Adelaide Festival centre and Global Shapers Hub. Working on a recovery plan for the CBD
  • Put structures in place around our people, place and economy working groups
  • Continued our strong and responsible approach to finances which has served us well, providing us with a much-needed buffer as we navigate difficult economic times

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