DAMA Roundtable

Moves to increase our population are gaining traction in Canberra and the Committee for Adelaide, along with Migration Solutions, is playing a key role in helping secure the best outcomes for our State.
We’re collating data on future and current skills and labour shortages that can be used as the basis to negotiate Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMAs) for South Australia and would like to thank all members who responded to our survey on this issue.
In early January, we also held a roundtable discussion with a cross section of industries to brief them on the DAMA negotiations and invite input.
While a DAMA is a shorter-term measure in lieu of major migration reforms, it has the potential to benefit numerous businesses and industries across the State and, if successful, generate strong levels of economic activity.
We will continue to work with state and federal governments on this important issue and keep you updated on developments.
Thank you to MinterEllison for hosting our roundtable discussion.

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