Everyday Jobs video series – demystifying jobs for SA young people | PART 1

The Committee for Adelaide has partnered with the Commissioner for Children and Young People to produce a series of short videos profiling the exciting job opportunities available in our local industries, operating right here in South Australia.

The videos are aimed at young people seeking career ideas and a better understanding of where the jobs of the future will be. With new technologies and emerging industries growing at a rapid pace it can be hard for young people to grasp what jobs of the future look like, and where they could therefore be directing their interests, skills and talents.

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, has found that the transition between school and work can be very challenging for South Australian young people, particularly when they don’t know what types of jobs will be available to them. She said:

“The Everyday Jobs series provides young people with an insider’s view of jobs available in South Australia today. Everyone’s education and career journey is different. Young people need time to explore their interests and they need multiple opportunities to try things out for themselves. Businesses can play a vital role in supporting young people find their career pathway through work experience, internships, and information resources that help them explore different industries so they can be making more informed decisions about future careers.”

The Everyday Jobs series asks some of our talented Committee for Adelaide members about their career journey, work experience, and advice for young people in navigating their career prospects.

The series consists of eight videos being released in two parts. The first four videos feature:

Thank you to our member organisations for allowing us to shine a spotlight on their industries.

Stephen Tongun | Actor, Lawyer, Board Member, Sanaa

Meet Stephen Tongun, Actor, Lawyer, and Board Member at Sanaa – a multidisciplinary cultural Arts collective based in Adelaide.

Stephen’s journey is anything but ordinary, having moved to Adelaide from South Sudan when he was 12 years of age. He loves that living in Adelaide has enabled him to combine his passion for acting while continuing to achieve his education goals. He also recently appeared in Spiderhead, a Netflix film starring Chris Hemsworth.

“We underestimate how quickly the time goes, so I would tell the younger version of me to skill up, do as many things that I enjoy, that not only give me satisfaction but also feed into a higher purpose.”


Holly Cooke | Geoscientist, University of Adelaide’s NExUS

Meet Holly Cooke, a Geoscientist at University of Adelaide’s NExUS (National Exploration Undercover School). Holly visits South Australian high schools to promote earth sciences and collaborate with educational partners to enhance geoscience outreach.

Holly shares her insights about how important it is to be passionate and curious about what you do, and to cast aside what others think you should do.

“What I would say about any conversation about any future job…is that the only thing that matters is that you love it – is that you’re curious and have got a passion for it.”


Alex Pietrus | Sales Manager, Adelaide Football Club

Meet Alex Pietrus, Sales Manager at the Adelaide Football Club.

Alex transitioned from retail to corporate sales to land a job with Manchester United simply by sending them an email that showed just how passionate he was.

“Put yourself out there, network where you can. If you’ve got opportunities to go to network or industry events, make sure you do so, and just soak up as much information as you can from those people in those industries.”


Anisa Cadd | Project Coordinator, Lumination

Meet Anisa Cadd, Project Coordinator at Lumination, an immersive technology company revolutionising the way people teach, learn and work.

Anisa’s job didn’t exist when she was at school but her personal career journey has taught her that the key to being ready for jobs of the future is to gain as many transferrable skills as possible.

“My advice to young people is to not be concerned if you can’t pick one thing. Everything is changing so quickly – this job didn’t exist when I was in school. Just get out there, volunteer, ask for help, ask questions, gather as many useful skills as you can, and if you follow what you’re interested in, you’ll eventually gather a whole beautiful suite of skills that will make you super useful.”


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