Get to know our new board members

Three new people have joined our Board, ensuring gender balance and the diversity needed to achieve real changes for Adelaide.

New Chair James Blackburn has welcomed the new Board members and paid tribute to retiring member David Paterson, founder of Social Capital and Industry Professor of the University of South Australia.

New member Stephenie de Nichilo is the Head of Safety and Security of Santos. Santos is a founding member of the Committee and as one of the few major companies headquartered in our city, plays an essential role in community and business life.

Stephenie leads a team that supports and builds safety capability within Santos’ operating assets and provides the corporate safety governance function.

“I joined the Committee for Adelaide because I want to help make a difference to the future of South Australia. I want my children to have the choice to live in Adelaide and experience the quality of life and opportunities that I have enjoyed,” she said.

Alison Surjan is the Director of Consulting Services at Morton Philips. Alison has worked with some of Australia’s biggest brands, and fastest and most progressive organisations that operate globally, helping to fill some of the State’s most important leadership positions.

Like Stephenie, she is a proud advocate for life and businesses in Adelaide and joined the Committee for Adelaide to make an “active and assertive approach to contributing to the sustainable future vision and opportunity for the state”.

Lachlan Cooper is the state manager for Uber in South Australia. Lachlan has also worked as a management consultant for Partners in Performance and holds a Ph.D. in the molecular genetics of stem cell biology from The University of Adelaide.

“I got involved in the Committee for Adelaide because I’m passionate about making this great city even better. While working for Uber in SA I’ve helped create exciting local opportunities in tech that have made it possible for people to stay in Adelaide when they otherwise would have left for jobs interstate or overseas. I’m really proud of that,” he said.

Click here for a full list of our board.

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