New member – HAS Foundation

Welcoming HAS Foundation as an Associate Member of the Committee for Adelaide, nominated by SkyCity as part of their Platinum membership.

Named after Co-founders Ella and Jarrod Stratton’s beautiful boy Hunter Alfred Stratton, the HAS Foundation provides ongoing support to children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

HAS Foundation exists to create a world where paediatric palliative care is well funded and supported, and every family caring for a child with life-limiting illness gets the chance to create memories for a lifetime.

“This focus is our driving force to fundraise and raise awareness for an area that is quite misunderstood and not spoken of. By becoming members of the Committee for Adelaide, we believe the connections, opportunities and knowledge we can gain will support us in our mission to make these families seen.

“Being a part of such a committee, to support Adelaide, we believe we can also share our knowledge and understandings to help areas of health, wellbeing, mental health and families.

“Plus we hope to share our message and movement -Live for the Moment, Love for a Lifetime, to as many people as possible”, Ella Stratton, Co-founder, HAS Foundation.

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