New member – 11point2

Welcoming 11point2 as a Small Enterprise member of the Committee for Adelaide.

11point2 is an idea validation company. We uncover possibilities, validate ideas, and accelerate change to get ahead of the world’s problems by collaborating with government and large organisations who believe in a better future. We don’t just let the future happen; we make it.

We are a diverse group of unconstrained thinkers and builders. Some proven entrepreneurs and some road-tested corporate types, but all understand the art of the possible that technology enables. We’re those people who can’t help but champion positive and enduring change.

We are 11point2 because 11.2 km/s is the escape velocity for an object to escape earth’s gravitational influence. Reflecting our focus on truly worthwhile ideas that will successfully launch.

“11point2 is excited to join the Committee for Adelaide and contribute to our shared ambition of creating a vibrant city and business ecosystem. We look forward to fostering a culture that attracts and retains capital and talent by leveraging Adelaide’s unique competitive advantages,” Mark Ogden, Managing Director, 11point2.

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