New member – _SOUTHSTART

Welcoming _Southstart as a Corporate member of the Committee for Adelaide.

_Southstart fosters the convergent environments that encourage ideas, startups and the community that surround them, to grow and flourish for the betterment of our planet. _Southstart connect current and aspiring founders, to funders and talent.

They host bespoke, intimate, and immersive experiences at leading hospitality venues, designed to mobilise the relationships, ideas and knowledge that foster deep and authentic connections.

_SOUTHSTART // ODYSSEY will unfold from 7 – 10 March 2023 in South Australia. Through a multi-day, multi-dimensional calendar of conversations, off-site adventures & immersive experiences, they will support and connect the passionate, curious, and tenacious souls who have chosen to venture into the illusive world of creation, connecting them to a deeply authentic and insightful community of support and wisdom. Tickets on sale now:

“We’re thrilled to become a member of the Committee for Adelaide and gather with like-minded organisations shaping the future of Adelaide. Collaboration plays a critical role in our collective pursuit of a better tomorrow, and we look forward to the opportunities that stand ahead,” Danielle Seymour, Director, _Southstart.

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