New member: Digital Twinning Australia

We are delighted to welcome Digital Twinning Australia as a silver member of the Committee for Adelaide.

Digital Twinning Australia are specialists in strategic project and asset management and Australian leaders in applied digital twinning.

Their team consists of asset, program and project managers, supervisors, modellers, engineers, cost analysts and customer journey mappers, as well as a broad professional network of engineers and program/project managers that can be assembled to take on sizeable corporate briefs.

They are big picture systems thinkers committed to continuous improvement and R&D in the latest international technologies, including digital twinning.

“We joined Committee for Adelaide because we want to be a part of real change in our city. For Adelaide to truly call itself a smart city, we need to come together to share ideas and strategies in order to achieve our digital future,” said Digital Twinning Australia CEO Genéne Kleppe.

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