New member – Heritage and People’s Choice

Welcoming Heritage and People’s Choice as a Platinum member of the Committee for Adelaide.

Heritage and People’s Choice is Australia’s leading customer-owned bank. They are also one of the country’s Top 10 largest banks, and one of the nation’s longest-running financial institutions with their origins dating back to 1875.

With 730,000 members across the country, $23.3 billion in assets, 2,000 employees, and branches in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory they help people to save, borrow and protect their future.

“Adelaide is a wonderful city, the capital of a great state, and we’re very proud to have a head office here.

“The Committee for Adelaide offers us a clear opportunity to work with like-minded organisations and make a positive difference – not just economically, but by further enhancing the city’s culture and vibrancy,” Peter Lock, CEO, Heritage and People’s Choice.

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