New member – Jagged Emerald

Welcoming Jagged Emerald as a new member of the Committee for Adelaide.

With empathy at the forefront, Jagged Emerald believe it’s human element that drives organisation success. Jagged Emerald, offer strategic advisory, executive search and human capital collaborations. They are committed to unearthing the rarest talents and guiding them towards truly transformative roles. Jagged Emerald empower organisations with strategic foresight igniting their opportunity for growth and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

“We are members of Committee for Adelaide because of our passion for the state and wanting to be part of the conversations and connection with the like-minded South Australian community.  Together we will help shape South Australia’s future. We have so much potential to make this state even better, and to participate in the key conversations is an honour. We fully support the committee and it’s mission,” Alison Surjan, Director, Jagged Emerald.

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