New member – Light ADL

Welcoming Light ADL as an Associate member of the Committee for Adelaide, nominated as part of JLL‘s Platinum membership.

Light is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity designed to be a beacon for creativity while maintaining a focus on the wellbeing of its people. It is a space where creativity, technology and hospitality blend in a unique way.

It began with a significant injection of philanthropic capital from its founders, Nick and Sophie Dunstone, in 2020 and aims to be self-sustainable in perpetuity. Revenue generated from the bars, restaurant and private events is folded directly back into supporting artistic development and projects.

The innovative spaces provide the ideal canvas for corporate and private events, using the cutting edge, immersive technology to enhance and deepen the experience.

Co-founder Nick Dunstone said, “Sophie and I think the best way of contributing to the world is to do something we are both passionate about, but also that is audacious, and aims to be self-sustaining and creative – and as we know achieving perpetual self-sustainability is extremely challenging in the Arts. LIGHT is a canvas for creativity and togetherness. We want to advance human connection by harnessing future technology to create infinite possibilities. Together, we can channel the magic of human chemistry for the digital world and transform artistic expression into breathtaking experiences. We look forward to working with Committee for Adelaide members to achieve this ambition for our city and beyond.”

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