New member – SABRENet

Welcoming SABRENet as a Small Enterprise member of the Committee for Adelaide.

SABRENet is a not-for-profit and was formed in 2006 to connect Adelaide’s major research, education and innovation sites, including university campuses, schools, TAFE, teaching hospitals, research institutions and innovation precincts with high speed fibre optic cable.  SABRENet has a well‐established track record for delivery of projects and services and provides one of the most cost-effective fibre-based networks for research, education and support for innovation available anywhere in the world.

SABRENet’s owners are Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia and the Government of South Australia. In addition to its owners the SABRENet network is used by other institutions vital to South Australia’s performance in the research and education sectors. These include the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, the Catholic Education system, private schools, the SACE Board, private training providers, the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) and the CSIRO. The SABRENet network interconnects over 310 sites across the Adelaide Greater Metropolitan Area.

In the training sector, SABRENet connects all metropolitan TAFE colleges, the skills focused St Patrick’s Technical College and privately operated skills training organisations such as PEER and Flight Training Adelaide.

On behalf of the Government of South Australia, SABRENet has implemented the Adelaide GigCity service which makes affordable superfast broadband services available to 23 innovation precincts within the Adelaide Region.  GigCity has delivered and continues to deliver substantial benefits to more than 400 businesses using GigCity.  GigCity is a significant differentiator and location benefit for Adelaide to the innovation sector which includes entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale ups, research organisations and global organisations in a range of industries.

“SABRENet has joined the Committee for Adelaide to be part of the conversation to shape the future of Greater Adelaide,” Sandra Vallance, CEO SABRENet.

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