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Welcoming Sammy D Foundation as an Associate Member of the Committee for Adelaide, nominated by Platinum member Bank SA.

On Sunday the 4th of May 2008, the life of 17-year-old Sam Davis was tragically cut short. Sam fell victim to a one punch attack. As a fiercely loyal young man with an ability to form friendships, Sam made a huge impact on many. From an early age and throughout his life. Sam showed integrity and strong values, defending those being bullied and treating others with respect.

Following the devastating loss of Sam, his parents, founded the Sammy D Foundation, with the ultimate aim of providing skills to young people in order to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Since the Sammy D Foundations inception, 180,000 young people have been educated on the impacts of violence through program deliveries in schools and sporting clubs across South Australia. In 2021 we were recognised nationally and received a community silver award for our “Don’t Let It Be Game Over” – Violence Prevention Program, as part of the Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards.

Their purpose is to end violence by connecting and empowering young people.

As well as our Education programs, the foundation exists to offer mentoring services to young people considered to be ‘at risk’, providing highly trained and motivated role models to vulnerable young people aged 7-17 years, living in metropolitan Adelaide. Young people with limited or no access to a positive adult role model (mentor) in their lives.

“Joining the Committee for Adelaide will help expand our reach and key messaging as we seek to end violence in the community. Our team is passionate, with a varied skill set and we thrive on surrounding ourselves with like-minded people.  We are excited to be part of this diverse and forward-thinking group to support the Foundation in its endeavours to enable young people to live a life free from violence,” Brigid Koenig, CEO, Sammy D Foundation.

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