New member – Scouts SA

Welcoming Scouts SA as a Small Enterprise Member of the Committee for Adelaide.

Scouts SA has been a South Australian institution since 1908.

Their mission is to contribute to, and support, the development of the youth of South Australia to become responsible members of the community, by giving them the tools to learn and grow to their full physical, intellectual, emotional and social potential as individuals.

Scouts SA commits to this through building the value of their commercial assets to provide the long-term funding to help young South Australians excel in life; with

  • The Award-winning Woodhouse Activity Centre, which provides educational facilities, accommodation and event spaces to both commercial businesses, schools and individuals across the state.
  • Scouts SA’s 11 Recycling Centres, where our commitment to future generations of South Australia means keeping recyclable materials out of landfill.
  • Exurbia: The Adventure Supply Co., where some of Australia’s and the World’s best outdoor adventure brands are sold to raise funds for youth programs throughout the state.

“Scouts SA aligns with the values of ‘The Committee for Adelaide’ to invest into the future of South Australia” said Scouts SA CEO Rebecca Wilson “which is why I am excited to be a member.”

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