New member – Stantec

Welcoming Stantec as a Corporate member of the Committee for Adelaide.

Stantec is a global company with a local presence. They have been in Adelaide since 2019 and they’re growing, thanks to the strength and innovation in of our business, which has been around for decades.

In Australia, they have a team of over 640 buildings specialists providing multi-disciplinary engineering services on all sorts of projects, including some you might have heard of, such as Optus Stadium in Western Australia, the New Footscray Hospital in Victoria and Atlassian Headquarters in Sydney.

In South Australia they have provided their services on the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital and the Australian Bragg Centre amongst many other exciting projects.

“Having returned from over 6 years in Europe, I was pleased to see the changing vibe in Adelaide especially in the sustainability, renewables, technology and start-up scene. These are all core to my personal professional life and felt keen to bring a contribution to this platform, enabling the future-readiness of local industries. Also, I believe that the key pillars for the platform align well with Stantec’s core values and ambitions for Adelaide,” Associate, Business Leader Adelaide, Irina Lindquist.

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