New member – The BrightEyes Organisation

Welcoming The BrightEyes Organisation as an Associate member as part of Pelligra’s Platinum Membership.

The Bright Eyes Organisation is an Adelaide based Not for Profit and a registered Australian charity with DGR status as a Public Benevolent Institution. They have a mission to prevent harm and abuse to vulnerable children and young woman to promote and support worthy charitable projects primarily with the intent of improving the lives of young girls and youth and the vulnerable, and to help with their mental and physical health issues and to encourage them to become part of their local community. To raise and expend moneys to support worthy charitable projects for children and young woman and the vulnerable. Bright Eyes sees that sport can be a great way to deliver positive reinforcement and improve self-esteem in these young lives.

“The BrightEyes Organisation is based in Adelaide with strong connections to the local communities and I believe the Committee is leading our state in promoting Adelaide. Like most big cities there is a great need for support to many sectors of the community and feel our membership will allow me greater influence and connections to our city decision makers,” Karen Wren, Founder & CEO, The BrightEyes Organisation.

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