New member – The Huddle

Welcoming The Huddle as a Small Enterprise member of the Committee for Adelaide.

The Huddle offers comprehensive solutions that empower your business to leverage the power of your people to create productive, innovative workplaces where everyone loves coming to work.

From team culture check ins and tailored Team Support Programs, to conflict resolution, their experienced consultants go above and beyond to ensure genuine and harmonious results for your business. They take the time to understand your team, which allows them to delve into the heart of any challenges and come up with a comprehensive team building solution.

“The Huddle is thrilled to be joining the Committee for Adelaide. As an organisation, The Huddle exists to support organisations to create happy, safe and dynamic workplaces. As such, our work aligns perfectly with the Committee for Adelaide’s mission to make Adelaide a vibrant, welcoming global city.

When organisations invest in developing their workplace culture, they see better productivity, innovation and staff retention. We’re committed to supporting Adelaide-based organisations to create workplaces where people love coming to work, ensuring not only that Adelaide keeps and attracts the best talent, but improving wellbeing for staff across the board.

We look forward to connecting with like-minded organisations who share our passion for supporting the wellbeing of the wonderful people of Adelaide,” Kate Russell, Director.

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