New members: Westpac, The Tailor and Carclew


Westpac, one of South Australia’s largest employers, is Australia’s first bank and oldest company. For more than 200 years they have played an important role in the economic and social fabric of Australia. We look forward to working with Westpac together on our journey towards creating a better future for our city.

The Tailor

Founded in 1998 by South Australian, Drew Kluska, The Tailor creates Australian luxury travel for clients, both national and international, who seek an exclusive travel experience handpicked especially for them. We look forward to working with The Tailor especially in the business attraction space.


Carclew is South Australia’s only multi-art form and cultural organisation dedicated to artistic outcomes by and for people aged 26 and under and has been doing so for over 45 years. Their mission is to embed creativity in communities, schools and careers with partnerships and collaborations across local government, community and social services organisations and the education sector.

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