Policy Priorities for 2022: Attracting Capital and Talent

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As we emerge from the global pandemic with both State and Federal elections taking place this year, 2022 is shaping up to be a critical year to articulate the priorities that will shape our State’s economic growth over the coming decade.

The Committee for Adelaide’s focus for 2022 and beyond is on attracting a disproportionate amount of capital and talent relative to our size today.

We are 7% of our nation’s population but we want to attract at least 10% of Australia’s total migration intake per annum.

We are 5.5% of gross domestic product but we want to attract 12% of foreign direct investment.

To achieve these goals, we must have the right policy settings and the political commitment.

We strongly believe South Australia has the ability to grow our population and give us the critical mass we have lacked for so long.

Attracting capital and talent is what will drive us there.

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