Strong Australia Network – Adelaide

The forum, attended by around 100 Adelaide business and community representatives and co-hosted by the Committee for Adelaide, discussed the opportunities available in Adelaide to create the environment for new businesses and what needs to be done to grow the local population and keep them here.

Their sentiments echoed our community research which found that just like the rest of the nation, over 70 per cent of people in South Australia were concerned about their cost of living and their energy bills. Attendees also confirmed another of our findings, only 33 per cent of South Australians were concerned about over-population and congestion, far less than most other regions around Australia. Adelaide told us clearly they want more people, not less.

To ensure growth and opportunities are experienced across the community, we must have the appropriate infrastructure and strategies to manage population growth. We also need the right environment to make it easier for employers to grow, invest and hire more people.

Our Adelaide event generated substantial media interest, and we reminded the community that 86 per cent of all jobs are in a business – big or small. You may have seen or heard some of these advertisements on TV, radio or billboards.

Strong and growing businesses generate opportunities for more jobs, more meaningful jobs and higher wages for Australians and their families.

On the same day as our Adelaide event, we also launched our to-do list to achieve a stronger Australia.

To deliver what we all want, the economy must grow faster, and the budget must be strong.

That’s why I encourage you to have your say on the nation’s direction and help determine whether Australia continues to be a strong, fair and inclusive society that rewards its citizens for taking a risk.

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to join the Network. Members of the network have access to the tools and support they need as they advocate for investment and job creation in their local communities. Membership is free and open to everyone.

Please follow our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and share our content with your broader networks.

The Strong Australia Network needs all of us, as a community, to come together to achieve a stronger and better Australia, because when business thrives, Australia thrives.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer A. Westacott AO

Chief Executive

Business Council of Australia

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