SA ZERO: Sustainability, Climate Reporting and Carbon Markets Overview

In partnership with Commonwealth Bank, our SA ZERO cluster hosted a Sustainability, Climate Reporting, and Carbon Markets Overview to provide businesses with insights and tools to help navigate their sustainability journey.

We heard from leading experts from government and business to examine the forces that drive the role of carbon in sustainable in purpose-driven organisations, environmental markets, and business strategy, as well as how businesses can use carbon markets to help them meet their climate goals, particularly in hard-to-abate sectors.

Special shout out to Justin Sharp, Head of Government IB&M, CBA, Tania Smith, Executive Director, Sustainable Finance and ESG, CBA, Scott Cooper, Director, Carbon Markets, CBA, Professor Ian Overton, Chief Executive, Green Industries SA, Dr Tracey Dodd, Director, Research Development, Adelaide Business School for being our guest speakers and panellists and of course to Tania Smith for facilitating a thought-provoking panel discussion.

To find out more about SA ZERO click here or email our Program Lead Michelle Howie on

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