Population Growth

Job makers, not takers

South Australia’s population is growing well below the national average, with fewer people living in regional South Australia today than 12 months ago and our State growing by just 2 per cent, even though we represent 7 per cent of the nation’s population.

We need to grow our population to 2 million people by 2027. To put this into perspective, this is a rise of just 28,000 people a year – the same amount of growth that Victoria experiences every 10-11 weeks.

Regional towns are dying, businesses keen to expand in some regions can’t find staff and our population is ageing.

Deloitte has found that reaching a population of 2 million would inject an extra $38b into our economy and create 59,000 extra jobs while recent studies – such as a series of reports released by Adelaide University’s Centre for Economic Studies – show that every migrant meeting an unmet need creates one extra job in our community. In other words, migrants are jobs makers, not takers.

Our work in this area is driven by our members via our Sustainability for our People working group.