Helping shape a more prosperous future

Adelaide’s status as a Well City will continue to drive the Committee for Adelaide’s activities in 2021 and beyond.

In this COVID era more than ever, wellness and wellbeing are significant attractors for global talent and business and pivotal to shaping a better future for our city.

Well City encapsulates the brand of Adelaide; our livability and commitment to renewables and carbon neutrality as well as our ambition to create better lives for all South Australians.

As part of our Well City agenda, we’re focussing on four key areas:

  • Adelaide’s brand narrative
  • Jobs of the future
  • National and global talent and business attraction
  • Sustainability and renewables

Our working groups

Our agenda is largely driven by our three working groups:

  • Sustainability for our People
  • Sustainability for our Economy
  • Sustainability for our Places

It’s in our working groups where some of the brightest established and emerging leaders from our membership come together to share and exchange ideas resulting in advocacy, projects and/or research. Below is a list of themes each group is exploring:


Sustainability for our People                                 

Brand narrative (through lens of people)

Adelaide Abroad

Young people and future jobs (incl skills)

National and global talent (incl migration)


Sustainability for our Economy

Brand narrative (through lens of economy)

Link between productivity and wellness

Renewables (Energy, minerals, Formula E)

Boards without Borders (business attraction)

Wealth fund


Sustainability for our Places

Adelaide’s potential as a magnet city

(includes curating events and producing issues papers)