Creating a better future for our city

We’re creating an environment for South Australia to act local and think global; to change mind sets; to drive positive change.

We bring together businesses and community groups from all walks of life united by their passion for South Australia; who recognise Adelaide is a great place to live but who want to make it better by creating opportunities for economic, social and cultural growth.

A-political, independent and non-sector specific, we’re harnessing the strength, work and enthusiasm of our partners to reshape our future.

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Our Vision

Our vision for Adelaide is to create an extraordinary, sustainable and vibrant global city that people from all over the world want to be a part of while those who live here are proud to call home.

We want to give people choices. They shouldn’t leave Adelaide because of lack of opportunity. If they do decide to go elsewhere, we want to create an environment that makes it almost irresistible for them to return bringing new skills and experiences with them. This is the ultimate test of our success.

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