Opinion: Lowering Fortress Australia’s drawbridge

As migrants leave Australia desperate to see loved ones and our country risks becoming isolated as the rest of the world starts opening up, it’s time to begin dismantling Fortress Australia and replace it with reliable quarantine facilities and an accelerated vaccine rollout. Australia has excelled during the pandemic and the Committee for Adelaide has […]

Opinion: Bring back students and we all benefit

While our borders are closed to international students, destinations such as the UK and Canada are welcoming students with open arms. It is time for us to take a mature approach to this situation and accelerate plans for the safe return of international students to Australia, writes Committee for Adelaide CEO Jodie van Deventer. This […]

Opinion: SA must have skill to seize tomorrow’s job opportunities

South Australia has the nation’s highest unemployment rate yet paradoxically, it also has acute skills shortages predicted to worsen. There are jobs in industries such as IT, hospitality, project management, farming, aged care and engineering in South Australia that employers are struggling to fill locally, advertising interstate and targeting international expats keen to return home. […]

Opinion: Clock ticking on nuclear waste site debate

Where should nuclear waste be stored? North Terrace or the Outback? It’s a fair bet most would go with the Outback. Yet as debate around a storage facility drags on, low-level nuclear waste continues to pile up in Adelaide in science facilities, universities and hospitals. In fact, waste is being stored at more than 100 […]

Opinion: SA should race for next generation of motorsport

Is now the time to embrace Formula E – the Grand Prix for electric cars? Our CEO Jodie van Deventer argues why the renewable energy state should take the lead. For 35 years, Adelaide’s streets have reverberated with the noise of high-octane motorsports. We cheered on the late great Ayrton Senna when he stood on […]

New data shows SA’s COVID-19 fight has made it one of the safest places in the world

“Today, our brand story is more compelling than ever,” Jodie said. “That is likely to grow as the northern hemisphere faces a bleak winter of lockdowns while Adelaideans enjoy our parks, beaches, cafes and restaurants in the sunshine. “We’re already seeing talented expats returning to our shores and if we take full advantage of this […]

Opinion: Beyond the gloom, Adelaide has a chance to recreate itself

COVID-19 is the ultimate disruptor and while its impact may be temporary, its economic and social legacy will be felt long after a vaccine is found or population-level immunity is reached. So what does this mean for Adelaide as we move from lockdown and transition into recovery, and how can we minimise the negatives of […]

OPINION: SA has much to lose if submarine work goes west

South Australians should be very concerned about any suggestion that submarine maintenance could be moved interstate – it’s more valuable than construction work, argues Jodie van Deventer. With a federal election looming, it is the time for both the Federal Government and Opposition to clarify where they want submarine maintenance to be based. In March […]

OPINION: Don’t miss bus on new modes of travel

In Amsterdam’s centre, it’s easier to get around on foot, bike or scooter than in a car. And in Paris, youths zip around on electric scooters. While cars rule Adelaide’s streets followed by pedestrians and bike riders, streets in Europe and cities such as Singapore are exploding with new forms of transport which are reducing […]