OPINION: Defence can steer state into the future

As PwC’s CityPulse report and The Advertiser have pointed out, a City Deal can help unlock this opportunity allowing us to build the infrastructure and create the educational and innovation environments needed to create a lasting legacy that will set us up for decades to come. And as places such as San Francisco and Israel […]

Regions’ hands up for more skilled migrants

“Curtailing migrant numbers to help cities like Melbourne and Sydney is ludicrous when you consider the harm it will cause to places like Adelaide and much of the nation’s regional areas where some communities are struggling to survive,” Ms van Deventer told The Australian. The Australian 23 April 2018 Click here to read the article online.

OPINION: We need vibrant hi-tech industry

“When a company like BHP takes a 10-year lease in a new $250 million Adelaide office tower and decides to add its name in bold letters to our skyline, you know confidence in our state is rising.” The Advertiser opinion piece 19 April 2018. Click here to read the article online.

OPINION: Adelaide is about the stories we tell ourselves

IS Adelaide slowly shaking off its big country town mentality and starting to believe that, as a mid-sized global city, we have enormous potential in the new economy? Visiting Thinker in Residence Allyson Hewitt, a social entrepreneur expert from Toronto, is starting to think so. She says she has noticed a change in Adelaide since […]

OPINION: Cloud of uncertainty over old RAH development

It’s a place where we can be bold; where we can create a launch pad for leading innovators like Toronto’s MARS in Canada, build a contemporary art gallery that rivals Bilbao’s Guggenheim in Spain and create new economic opportunities. What global cities would give to have a clean slate like ours; one at the end […]

Opinion: South Australia cannot lose its voice in Canberra because of poor population growth

Mention population growth to most federal politicians and they think of millions of extra people pouring into overcrowded cities where infrastructure is failing. Many don’t realise that places outside the eastern states face different issues. That states like South Australia need more people, not fewer, to fuel economic growth. And it’s that lack of understanding […]

Opinion: Migration system not working for South Australia

What works for the eastern states doesn’t always work for South Australia and that appears to be the case with the Federal Government’s decision to make it harder for skilled migrants to come to Australia. While Sydney and Melbourne are bursting at the seams causing major infrastructure headaches, South Australia’s population has gone backwards in […]

Opinion: Shining a light on electricity

While it’s clear this week’s State-wide blackout was due to infrastructure damage caused by a massive storm, the damage to our brand as an investment destination is enormous. Interstate headlines ranged from SA entering the dark ages to being a state in the dark. At a time when Adelaide city centre is undergoing exciting changes […]