Everyday Jobs video series – demystifying jobs for SA young people | PART 2

We are excited to release Part 2 of our Everyday Jobs video series – a series, in partnership with the Commissioner for Children and Young People, profiling some of the exciting job opportunities available in our local industries, operating right here in Adelaide.

The Everyday Jobs series asks some of our talented Committee for Adelaide members about their career journey, work experience, and advice for young people in navigating their career prospects.

The videos are aimed at young people seeking career ideas and a better understanding of where the jobs of the future will be. With new technologies and emerging industries growing at a rapid pace it can be hard for young people to grasp what jobs of the future look like, and where they could therefore be directing their interests, skills and talents.

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, has found that the transition between school and work can be very challenging for SA young people, particularly when they don’t know what types of jobs will be available to them.

“The Everyday Jobs series provides young people with an insider’s view of jobs available in SA today. Everyone’s education and career journey is different. Young people need time to explore their interests and they need multiple opportunities to try things out for themselves. Businesses can play a vital role in supporting young people find their career pathway through work experience, internships, and information resources that help them explore different industries so they can be making more informed decisions about future careers.”

The series consists of eight videos being released in two parts. The second set of videos (below) feature:

  • Jodi Brown, General Manager, Eos, Skycity Adelaide
  • Ameen Bou Diab, Idea Validator, 11Point2
  • Alex Bruhn, Community Builder, Youth Inc.
  • Jassa Amir-Lang, Digital Director at JP Media


Click here to watch the first release of videos in the Everyday Jobs series.

Thank you to our member organisations for allowing us to shine a spotlight on their industries.

Jodi Brown | General Manager, Eos, Skycity Adelaide

Meet Jodi Brown, General Manager at Eos by Skycity – luxury accommodation in Adelaide.

As well as managing Eos, Jodi oversees Skycity’s signature restaurants, bars and conference facilities. Jodi’s pathway to her dream job is not what you might expect.

“Don’t worry so much during those latter school years, there’s a lot of pressure that can be put on students. Through my journey, I didn’t have it all figured out to start with; it took me going to University before I’d actually even thought about what career path I’d really like to take.”


Ameen Bou Diab | Idea Validator, 11Point2

Meet Ameen Bou Diab, an Idea Validator at 11Point2. Ameen helps organisations validate new and worthwhile ideas to see if they’re viable and have everything they need to be brought to life.

Ameen originally came to Adelaide to study but now calls his adopted city home. He talks about the importance of gaining as much experience as possible and valuing all of your learning all along the way, no matter how big or small it seems at the time.

“Regardless of what it may be, applying yourself, being present is non-negotiable if you’re really serious about getting places in the future.”


Alex Bruhn | Community Builder, Youth Inc.

Meet Alex Bruhn, Community Builder at Youth Inc. – a secondary school for young people aged 17-24 located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. Students who attend Youth Inc. are looking for different ways to learn.

Alex found volunteering very beneficial on her journey to find her dream job. That’s why she thinks connection to community and giving back are so crucial to learning. They’re also two of the most desirable individual ‘values’ that employers look in a job candidate.

“Believe in yourself. overcoming imposter syndrome is a huge thing. Deciding that if you’re in the room, then you’re the right person to be in the room.”


Jassa Amir-Lang | Digital Director, JP Media

Meet Jassa Amir-Lang, Digital Director at JP Media, a full-service creative communications agency that works with their clients to deliver communications solutions encompassing public relations, social media, websites, mobile apps and bespoke software development.

Work experience shaped Jassa’s pathway to where he is now and helped to shine a light on how things work in the real world.

“I’d really strongly encourage people to find something that they’re passionate about because now days there are so many opportunities in terms of career pathways.”


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