Pharmaceutical, health and R&D

South Australia is a small market within a small market, so local sales will never drive Pharmaceuticals to headquarter here based on volume. But increasingly, pharmaceutical companies operate as integrated global businesses, where R&D can be located in centres close to research capability and markets that are suited to speedy trials, and a friendly regulatory […]

Adelaide works best when it works together

These projects start the hard work of delivering on the major themes of the Committee’s two publications; Earning our place in a global economy (Nov 2013), and Agenda for Growth (May 2014). According to Committee Chair, Colin Goodall “Adelaide works best when it works together. So importantly, each of these projects is being delivered in […]

Bold leadership, new partnerships the way ahead

The decision by GMH last week to cease production in South Australia by 2017 is a reminder that bold leadership and new partnerships are needed if we want to transform our economy to a more sustainable platform for innovation and growth. Much of this transformation will be painful and success is not guaranteed. Our industries […]

SA: stop comparing and start competing INDAILY

Here’s an opinion piece our Chair, Colin Goodall posted on Indaily, 2 December 2013, introducing himself and the work we hope to achieve with this new alliance. I came to Adelaide by choice three years ago, having lived and worked around the world with BP, in the US, UK and Europe. I liked the idea […]